The Tale of Ben I.- alebo oprášme si našu (pokročilú) angličtinu!

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Po viacerých neúspešných pokusoch napísať krátku poviedku s pointou (neskutočne náročná úloha :)) som sa rozhodol napísať krátky text zatiaľ o ničom, s tým, že si pri ňom budeme môcť ja, pri písaní, a takisto aj vy, náhodní okoloidúci, pri čítaní, spoločne precvičiť našu angličtinu. Keďže mám zopár nápadov ešte v rukáve, je možné, že bude Benov život pokračovať, ale zatiaľ je to nič viac ako samoúčelne napísaný "príbeh". Pri obtiažnejších slovíčkach som poskytol pomoc v podobe vlastného slovenského prekladu. Ak bude záujem zo strany vašej a vôla zo strany mojej, k ďalšej časti môžem pripojiť aj hlbší gramatický rozbor niektorých viet, keďže angličtina a jej niekedy záludná gramatika ma naozaj baví. Tak príjmné čítanie.

He mustn't take his eyes off it. He could remember the inexplicable sensation of peace and a sudden surge (=nával) of happiness that would come over him every time he gazed at the Moon as a boy; such was the beauty of the spectacle. Not this time, however. He could hardly bring himself to care for it at all. He kept looking, though, hoping for the feeling to come eventually. But first, first he needed to empty the mess that was his mind. Although there hadn't been any particular event in the recent past that would explain why he felt so miserable and confused, he guessed it must have been to do with the time of the year. Summer had always brought with it feelings of freedom and joy for him, regardless of his previous state of mind. But now, he could sense neither. It was early September already and he hadn't even so much as started enjoying the sunny weather that he usually loved so much and that was anything but rare this year. This simple realization was the climax, the tipping point and knowing that had made him feel this ill at ease (=nepokojný, bez vnútornej pohody), he reckoned. 'Enough of this, I really need to concentrate myself on not thinking about anything', he said angrily to himself. The very thought of that made him giggle a little, though.

He liked little paradoxes and this was definitely one of them for him, stupid as it might appear. Big, life-changing paradoxes of life seemed to be following him, too. Those barely ever conjured up (=vyčariť) a smile on his face and Ben was pretty positive the next one, whatever it was going to be (and he he had a nagging hunch (=neprijemná predtucha) it was going to be something huge), wouldn't fail to prove this rule right yet again. This small, innocent one had raised his spirits a bit though, but at the same time distracted him enough to kill off any potential chance of completing the task of sorting his head right. He jumped off the window sill (=okenica, parapet) he had been sitting on and looked around the room to see what else he could possibly do to help him sleep tighter at night. He didn't feel quite like going to sleep yet, although it was already 2 hours past midnight, which was far too late by his standards. He turned his head towards a bookcase in the opposite corner of his spacious (=priestranná) bedroom with the intention of picking up a random copy, only to realize he had already put all his books into boxes. They were now lying haphazardly in the front room of his apartment together with half a dozen of others crammed with stuff he thought he might still find useful. After a while of gaping at the empty shelves, he sat himself into an armchair near him unwittingly (=samovoľne), and began staring blankly into nothingness of the light-green walls of the room, slowly loosening his grip on the arms of his old rocker. He had found it at last.

For most people, moving out of a house they've been living in for their whole life is bound to be an emotional experience. Ben was happy to find a new emotion, one not connected with this place, to which he now felt absolute indifference (=ľahostajnosť). One of hope and looking forward to something unspecific. As he woke up in the armchair with a stiff neck and a tingling feeling in his right forearm (="mravenčí" pocit v ruke) he had been leaning on in his sleep, he felt better than he had in ages. Bothering about things he might have forgotten to pack into boxes seemed to him as distant, unimportant and ridiculous as one of the one-hit wonder bands of the late eighties . He knew better now. No more feeling anxious about petty opinions of his colleagues (of the majority of whom he was still very fond). Or anyone, for that mattter. Not even that grumpy old bastard that he knew was going to be his neighbourgh could spoil it for him now. He felt more self-confident and less self-conscious than ever. Tommorow's the moving time. 'Time to move on with my life', Ben thought as he was brushing his teeth and trying to look into a mirror that was no longer there.

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